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White Sands Signature Massage


Using light to medium touch this massage uses the combination of hands on healing using warm stonesand aromatherapy.   This is the most requested massage due to the results that leave you feeling like you are ready to rule the world again.

                                 60 min. $125 / 90 min. $145


The Gentle Paradise Massage


By using long smooth stokes and a very gentle touch the full body Massage not only calms you but also leaves you feeling balanced and refreshed like the ocean breeze.

                                 60 min. $80 / 90 min. $100


The Essential Massage


A full body masssage that concentrates on your back, neck and shoulders.   This massage is designed for those who have chronic tension.  Today's hectic lifestyles leave us no choice but to utilize this massage as a form of maintenance.

                                60 min. $90 / 90 min. $110


The Deep Tissue Massage


This full body massage is designed to command the muscles to release by using a combination of techniques.  If you are physically active or have major stress in your life, this is the massage for you!

                             60 min. $125 / 90 min.  $145


Pregnancy Massage


Allow us to relax & pamper you at this delicate time.  A soothing massage is given to your fatigued muscles, which will ensure instant comfort.  Relax and enjoy!

                                   60 min. $95 / 90 min $125


The Express Massage


This is a 30 minute express massage meant to be quick and efficient to get you back on track.  This massage can be a full body massage or can be focused on a specific area.

                                                          30 min.  $ 50






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