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Skin Care by DeLyn

                                   Mini Facial

This 30 minute facial is a quick "pick me up" to refresh and hydrate your skin.                     30 min - $50

This facial included a lovely neck and shoulder massage

                             The White Sands Facial

This treatment includes a skin analysis, cleansing, masque, exfoliation and                        50 min - $75

and hydration boost for a glowing outcome.  Complete with relaxing 

arm, neck and shoulder massage.

                                  The Luxury Facial

Our luxury facial provides "the works," customized for your specific skin needs.                    60 min - $100

This treatment provides a skin analysis, de-stress, deep hydration, exfoliation,

and a shoulder and neck massage with aromatherapy for stress relief, sure to 

leave your skin feeling, brighter, hydrated and refreshed.

                                    Mens Facial

Relax, re-hydrate and de-stress witha  facial designed just for you. Includes                           60 min - $75

a shoulder and neck neck massage.

                                    Teen Facial

Geared toward teenage skin and the conditions that come with it!  Skin                                       50 min - $75

Skin analysis, hydration, calming of the skin.


                                    Brows  - $20

                                    Lip       - $10

                                    Chin    - $10

                              Lower Leg - $60

                              Underarm  - $20

                                                        Bikini    - $45                                                                                                                                   

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